Keny Zachelin

Creative developer

Hello, My name is Keny Zachelin. I'm a french creative developer and HETIC student.

I’m a third-year student at HETIC where i’m learning and practicing development of front-end and back-end solutions, methods and approaches for managing the life cycle of a digital project and also maintenance and deployment of digital solutions.

I’ve got a strong passion for IT and digital as a whole with great interest in innovation. I love creating memorable web experiences with great design and animations.

I'm currently building a great web application at Reputation Squad but i'm also available for freelance work on cool digital projects including showcase, experimental or portfolio websites.

What's my focus


Building interactive user interfaces

  • React & Vue.js
  • Three.js & WebGL
  • Strong knowledge of JS
  • CSS & JS animations


Dealing with data and infrastructure

  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Amazon EC2

And more

Providing various solutions

  • React native
  • Wordpress

What's my experience

React developer


Reputation Squad

I'm working on a web application built in React for social media content management.

Front-end & Mobile developer



During my internship i worked on a 3D website on which i built a scene with smooth scroll navigation and a tiny petanque game. I also worked on a mobile AR experience showing various 3D animated objects.

Front-end developer



This was my first professional experience during which i learnt many best practice and great tools for web development. I developed front-end of many websites and brought user interactions with Javascript.

Let's talk 👋

Feel free to get in touch. I'm open to any proposals or offers.